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Our solutions
come from real customer experience and
real implementation

Cost effective solutions

Save time and money by cutting out redundant processes and making it simple to enter and share important data quickly.

Offline support

Keep the work going even in offline mode, with automatic data transmission once you are connected again.

No additional hardware

With multi-platform support, use the application with your existing technology. Save money by avoiding bulky devices, carry your phone or tablet and, that's it!

Third party integrations

Yotta Incident supports integration with third party systems that you need.

Go paperless

Messy, uninformative, illegible reports are a thing of the past. Keep your reports detailed and crystal clear with custom models and the option to view, share and approve right from your device.

Bring in accountability

Ensure the job gets done the way you need it to be. View performance and detailed reports anytime, anywhere.