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Frequently Asked Questions

Yotta Incident is a fully customizable incident reporting and tracking software with integrated media capability. This software allows you to create and customize your own report forms aligned with industry standards.

No, Yotta Incident is a web-based application and uses secured cloud storage. You do not have to download or install the software onto your computer.

Yes, the integrated media capability allows you to attach multiple pictures, videos and audio recordings to an Incident report.

Yes, the administrator can define the access rights for each user.

Yes, users can create an incident report from the Yotta Incident mobile app and also from the Yotta Incident web-based application.

Yes, incident reports can be sent to multiple individual email IDs or to a group email ID.

Yes, Yotta Incident can recreate any standardized form that you are currently using.

Yes, parent letters can be directly printed from reports.

Yes, the Yotta Incident notification system will notify the submitter, approver and other users, such as your transportation department, through mobile and email notifications.

Yes, notes can be added while emailing a report.

Yotta Incident works on multiple device operating systems (OS) such Windows, iOS, and Android.

You can create PDF documents or Excel worksheets from the web browser.

Yotta Incident is offered to customers via a custom subscription based on your school’s or organization’s structure.

Yotta Incident is offline capable and gives you the freedom to continue creating incident reports even if internet is not available. Once you are connected to the internet, the reports will sync instantly.