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Working together
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Bullying, Incidents, Accidents
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Yotta Incident is a fully customizable incident reporting and tracking software with integrated media capability. This software allows you to create and customize your own report forms aligned with industry standards and run detailed reports. This paperless solution is great for any Safety Officers, Drivers, Staff and Management to track incidents or other issues.

Record, resolve and ensure transparent communication with Yotta Incident. It is a great opportunity to increase accountability and cut costs by eliminating paper reports. With constant innovation, Yotta Incident has a robust and tailored solution for each and every client.​

Improving the flow of
Dispatch Information

Effective dispatch information management is essential for any school district that relies on getting valuable information form their dispatchers to address the concerns of parents, students, and concerned citizens. Learn how to improve communication within your team today.


Yotta Incident is a paperless, fully customizable anonymous reporting & management software. Schools are faced with a great challenge of creating a comfortable environment for student to speak up, in order to mitigate risk, keep themselves and others safe. With Yotta, students can share vital information with the people who can address these sensitive issues.

Learn how you can streamline your incidents while improving communication, accountability and quality of reports.

Custom Forms & Workflows

Any paper report can be added into the system as a report form, such as bullying, classroom incidents, bus accidents, etc. Various incident report forms can be made within the system – from content to design. Track incidents and follow the statuses from creation, through approval and resolution.

Web application

Any User can create and submit incident reports from a mobile or web application. Incident report updates are instantly notified to Drivers/Staff, Principals/Supervisors and the Transportation department. The history of past incident reports can be viewed on the User’s device for a limited time based on permissions. The mobile app also works on offline mode - when a device is not connected to the network/internet.

Reporting & Analytics

With Yotta the power is in your hands. With our query tool you have the ability to analyze and track your reporting data. Our consolidated reports provide information about overall incidents and statuses. Filters such as name, school, User, date, etc., can pull up related reports.

Instant Notification system

When a driver or any User submits a report, the Supervisors/Principals and Transportation department can get notified immediately with mobile notifications and emails based on permissions.

Who can use Yotta Incident

Endless Possibilities

Whether it’s the administration, staff, or even bus drivers, anyone can use our simple and easy to use software. The possibilities are endless no matter your school or organization structure.



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